Mahiki at Home

Our Mahiki pop up’s have travelled the world bringing a little bit of paradise to the most prestigious fashion, music and lifestyle events for the last decade. Mahiki at home now offers you our most exclusive hospitality package, bringing you the world’s finest Organic cocktail experience to the most intimate of locations to entertain, your home.

Through the unique creativity and attention to detail that goes into every drink, dance and dish that we serve our events team will create the friendly, fun atmosphere Mahiki is known for. With our Polynesian inspired décor, delicious fresh fruit cocktails and tropical flowers adorning every corner, an event with Mahiki is unique in every respect.

Whether it be a celebration at home, an alfresco garden party, a wedding or even your holiday home or yacht abroad, our dedicated team will work to your every requirement to produce a unforgettable experience.

Mahiki at Home is available to suit a wide range of budgets and our show stopping bartenders and beautiful tiki waitress’s can work to any space you desire.

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